Photo of scarf depicting Southwest Scene

Southwest scene painted on silk

LaughinGiraffe Jewelry and Wearable Art

LaughinGiraffe Jewelry and Wearable Art in Prescott, Arizona is as much about whimsy as it is fashion. I believe jewelry and clothes ought to reflect the personality of the person wearing them. I hope my products will appeal to your nature.

Flower on canvas

So, what is my art about? It’s a celebration of the natural environment. I am inspired by the diversity of textures found in nature, by line and by color. In my jewelry I use cast cholla and prickly pear cacti to create texture; I use river and ocean rocks as well as semi-precious stones. My fabrics of choice are natural: silk, cotton, linen and bamboo.


I invite you to visit my Jewelry Gallery and Wearable Art pages, and visit often; I hope to have new items to view every few months.

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